Eyelash extensions are perfectly shaped synthetic lashes applied one by one to each of your natural lashes. They are weightless and completely safe when properly applied. Our standard is to create a custom design that will enhance your natural beauty.

Please be aware that in order to maintain this service we have guidelines to keep your natural lashes safe and healthy. All applications must begin without ANY traces of makeup on or around your eye area. It is mandatory to begin each appointment with freshly cleansed lashes and eye area.


We do ask that you follow our guidelines with the lash extensions. Avoid ALL mascara, as this will lower the life of the extensions while adding stress to your natural lashes. Cleanliness is the most important step, this will reduce the risk of eye infections. Steer clear of any oil based cleansers and waterproof eye makeup. Mascara and waterproof liners create a sticky goo on the extension, making it impossible to cleanse. If we are unable to cleanse the area properly this lowers the amount of lash you will receive during a refill.

The standard interval for refills is 2-3 weeks. The amount of lashes that you have remaining when you come for your refill will directly affect how full your lashes look at the end of our session. Mother Nature and your personal home care, routine, and environment greatly affect how your lashes look from week to week. Please keep this in mind when considering when to book your next appointment.

How full your lashes will look at the end of your touchup appointment will be greatly affected by how many lashes you have when you arrive for your appointment- ideally you should have 50% of your extensions still on at touchup time. Please keep this in mind when determining how long to wait to schedule your touchups. Also arriving on time for your appointments will ensure you will receive the maximum amount of eyelashes. Waiting more than 4 weeks between appointments will require another full set appointment.


The application is a relaxing process, most fall asleep during the service. Your eyes are closed as we apply the extensions to one isolated natural eyelash at a time. The extensions are applied with adhesive that is made specifically for eyelash extensions, and does not touch the skin, it is applied to the lash hair only, about 1 mm from the base of the eyelash.


Extensions are surprisingly easy to maintain. The important factors are to keep your eyelashes clean by cleansing them throughly and daily. It is also important to avoid waterproof cosmetics, and products with oil in the eye area. Thorough aftercare instructions are given at the time of appointment.

*Please note that we reserve the right to discontinue service to any client we find to be unable to fit the standards of our cancellation policy or any client who is unable to keep their lashes at a level of cleanliness that is proper for this service.

** Please note that due to extreme variations in application standards, we do not touch up over lashes from other salons. Please schedule a full set, and we will offer a removal of other lashes.